Transforming Risk Intelligence

ExTrac draws on high-relevance, hard-to-reach data streams curated by experts and uses cutting-edge AI to make sense of these at scale. Our system detects and maps emerging and future risks in the physical world, online, and where the two intersect, alerting you so that you can get and stay ahead of the threat.

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Cross-domain Threat Detection

Understand threats on- and off-line in real time.

Other systems focus narrowly on either physical conflict events or information activities in online spaces, missing the interaction between the two. ExTrac enables dynamic coverage of both, providing integrated analysis and understanding of the risks you face.

Violent Extremism
State Conflict
Non-state Conflict
Illicit Finance


ExTrac’s Co-Analyst lowers the barriers to interacting with data and generating rapid but accurate insights. It is a force multiplier for your team, supporting but not replacing human analysts. Co-Analyst provides an intuitive chat-based interface for our data and analytics while offering suggestions and course-of-action guidance on how to get the most from our system.

Examples of Co-Analyst chatExamples of Co-Analyst chatExamples of Co-Analyst chat
Examples of Co-Analyst chatExamples of Co-Analyst chatExamples of Co-Analyst chat

Lowering the barrier to insight.


Proactive, not reactive.

We don’t just notify you of threats after they have manifested in an attack, campaign, or other conflict event. Instead, ExTrac provides real-time insights that enable users to be proactive – identifying and alerting them to changing trends and emerging threats so they can get ahead of risks to their people, assets, and operations.

bespoke analysis

ExTrac access can be accompanied by bespoke all-source reporting produced by our team of academic, policy, and operational experts, which has far-reaching cross-sector experience tracking state and non-state conflict actor activity on- and offline. Reports can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly and all are specifically tailored to end-user requirements.

Expert, Data-led Analysis

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